FFAF silence Reading main stage

Funeral For A Friend’s sound cut out during a wet day one of Reading Festival.

The band, who were performing on the main stage, suddenly stopped during a rendition of ‘All The Rage’, as the speakers blew.

The sound wasn’t restored for a full five minutes, during which, drummer Ryan Richards tried to rouse support by playing the beat to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen.

When the speakers did finally come back on, frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye said it best declaring, “it happens all the time – rain stops play.”

The band were greeted by a heavy downpour during their set which lead to Davies-Kreye saying, “only at a British festival can you have rain and sunshine at the same time.”

The band also played a storming rendition of ‘She Drove Me To Daytime Television’ before huge circle pit opened for ‘The Art Of American Football’.

Source: VirtualFestivals.com

Posted by: Paty on 30/08/2009

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